N°3 - Networking

Marc Plotkin


Informations Musician / Entrepreneur / Professor
My advice / My idea

Make it about picking people that you'd like to learn from. Don't pitch yourself. People love to feel special so I always recommend that you identify someone you'd like to get to know and reach out with questions about their career path/work. Make them feel flattered that you're interested in them. Don't push anything about yourself. Assuming they're not a total narcissistic (statistically pretty rare), they'll start to be interested in you and you'll have an opening to share what you were always hoping to share.

My expertise about the subject Have built a large network of some of the top performers in music, media, and technology.
My potential limits as a mentor Used to the American market primarily.
What expertise I’d like to find among the network, to complete mine? Always looking to connect with more smart people!

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